Rescue Me Tucson is a 501(c)3 non-profit formed to establish and operate a collaborative-based pet adoption center. Our center helps multiple Tucson and Southern Arizona rescues and shelters provide consumers with a compassionate alternative to pet stores selling mill-bred puppies and kittens and help rescue animals find their forever homes.

RMT’s model is based on the Best Friends No Kill Center in Los Angeles. We’ll be the first collaborative-based pet adoption center in Arizona, and the experiences we gain will help develop a template for centers in other communities. Our center will be open seven days a week and offer potential adopters the opportunity to meet many adoptable dogs and cats of all ages. The increased visibility will reduce the “bottleneck” that foster-based rescues experience caused by limited exposure of their adoptable animals. More exposure equals more adoptions and enables rescues to save more lives!

If you would like to help Rescue Me Tucson and it’s Rescue Me Marana collaborative pet adoption center, please DONATE