What is Rescue Me Tucson?

Rescue Me Tucson is a new 501c3 run entirely by volunteers whose purpose is to open and operate a Pet Adoption Center for multiple rescue groups and shelters to use. The Center will provide increased visibility and adoption potential for both dogs and cats from Southern Arizona rescues and shelters.

Why is Rescue Me Tucson important?

By helping smaller rescue groups and shelters get their animals seen and adopted faster, the animals will be less stressed because they will be able to transition into their forever homes faster, allowing rescues and shelters to take in more animals in need. Our goal is to adopt 1,000 animals+ during  our first year.

Why open a Brick and Mortar Location?

A Center in a convenient shopping area will allow RMT and their partner groups to provide a welcoming, relaxed environment to showcase adoptable animals. Our Center will also  provide an alternative to for profit pet stores and internet sellers and be a consistent presence for resource information for the public. Center animals will be featured on Pet Harbor, Pet Finder, and partner group websites, but adopters still need a pleasant, easily accessible place with regular business hours to meet the animals and complete the paperwork. 

By providing an appealing, high-visibility outlet, we’ll help more animals get adopted more quickly. Our model will also help reach a demographic that may not know the difference between a for profit pet store and an adoption agency and those who may not feel comfortable visiting a shelter. 

Where will Rescue Me Tucson get the animals at the Pet Adoption Center?

The dogs and cats in the Center will come from Southern Arizona based rescues and municipal shelters.  We plan a special focus on rural areas in which we help facilitate rescue and transport. Some rescues will accept  surrenders from owners or strays from the general public. The animals will remain the property of their respective rescues or shelters until adoption.

How will this Adoption Center differ from a small shelter or similar storefront?

The biggest difference is our focus on collaborating with multiple smaller rescues and shelters, which have limited hours for potential adopters to meet their animals. Most rescue groups’ animals live in foster homes, so they are only available to be seen by appointment or at a designated adoption event  for a few hours once a week. No single group or small shelter has the  resources to open this type of location. RMT will  provide the space and each group will take turns bringing animals to the Center to meet their new families. 

Through collaboration, we will help maximize the impact of small rescue groups and shelters for PACC, which has nearly achieved a no-kill status but still takes in around 17,000 animals each year,  and for rural areas, which continue to have high euthanasia rates due to limited resources. Our overarching goal is to help Arizona become a no-kill state.

Where is the Rescue Me Tucson Pet Adoption Center? 

We’re working with local realtors to source a location that is easily accessible and has high foot-traffic to maximize the visibility of the animals in our care. We continue to fundraise for the lease and build out costs while we search.

Please feel free to contact us at or via our Facebook page if you know of a space that may be ideal and/or if you know of someone who’d like to learn more about our work.

When will the Adoption Center be open?

Our goal is summer 2020, but that will depend on our fundraising success, space availability and renovation time.

Who will staff the Pet Adoption Center?

We anticipate having the equivalency of three full-time employees staff the store. We’ll also recruit volunteers for a variety of tasks. Those interested in volunteering to help care for animals, write grants, plan and staff events, fundraise or help in another way are invited to contact us at:

Will the Adoption Center do anything other than adopt out dogs and cats?

We’ll have a community corner to provide education on responsible pet ownership, behavior problems and resources for spay/neuter programs, low cost vaccine options, pet training, veterinary care and the problems posed by puppy and kitten mills. We’ll also sell pet related merchandise. 

How will Rescue Me Tucson’s pet adoption center be sustainable?

As with other nonprofit organizations, we’ll engage in on-going development work to meet our budget. Revenue sources include adoption fees, merchandise sales, individual and corporate donors, grants and events. The board has a Development Plan and a Development Committee. 

Why donate to Rescue Me Tucson when there are so many other groups that have proven their worth?

By forming a partnership for shared space with multiple groups, we can help save more lives by increasing adoption numbers and decreasing the over-all euthanasia rate in Arizona. By combing marketing efforts, we can achieve more together. For example, we can help groups fundraise for special needs cases and help boost networking efforts for the highest need animals. 

What has Rescue Me Tucson accomplished so far? 

The RMT board has met with 10 rescues and shelters to develop a Memorandum of Understanding and joint medical, adoption, and cleaning protocols. Best Friends has provided an offer of consulting and $10,000 in seed money to launch the Pet Adoption Center. The board has raised more than $50,000 since receiving our 501c3 in June 2019. 

The estimated cost of leasing, renovating and furnishing a space is $130,000. The estimated annual cost of operating the adoption center is $185,000.